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cb_icontest's Journal

Badass Love, Iconized
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A Chuck/Blair Icontest

about cb_icontest.
We are yet another of those perky icontests. We are here simply to share the joy we experience in working on graphics (and finding ways to bring our favourite couple out into the wide world!)

Are you a fan of Chuck Bass & Blair Waldorf as a couple?
Then, what are you still doing here?! Read the Rules, join and participate in our weekly challenges!

Want to know how things here work first? Take a look here.

the rules.
[*] - Submitted icons may not be published elsewhere until the running challenge is over.

[*] - If you like an icon here displayed, please ask the maker if you may use it - beforehand! And always CREDIT! We do not tolerate stealing!!

[*] - If not stated differently, every icon has to meet LJ standards, which are the following:
100x100 Pixel
no bigger then 40kb in size
no animations are allowed

[*] - When you post your icons, please post them like this:


[*] - Do not hotlink! Always upload to your own server (www.photobucket.com, www.imageshack.us)

about the staff.
cb_icontest is run by the two brilliant women bossygenius and purely_distel. We share a mind, so be scared!

Should you have any questions, or need help. Either just ask here or contact one of the staff members directly.

link back to US!
We would be more then happy, if you would link back to us with one of the provided buttons (simply copy&paste the code beneath your desired button into your profile)


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